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Parenting Challenges

Infants & Toddlers

While the introduction of a new member to the family can be a sacred time, for many reasons mothers can find themselves struggling to establish a healthy attachment with their baby. Whether struggling to develop a steady, loving bond with your baby or coping with the growing demands of a toddler, I work to help parents learn how to develop more authentic and joyful connection with their child.

Young Childhood

More than ever, children are challenged to meet ever increasing social-, academic- and technology-related demands. As a result, rates of anxiety and depression among youth are at concerning levels. Children feeling overwhelmed are often overly rigid, emotionally reactive, and less inclined to try new things. I help parents teach their children better coping strategies, more productive communication skills, and become more effective, flexible problem-solvers.


The pressures of adolescence can produce emotional reactivity, physical withdrawal, and poor school performance. During this time, it is common for parents to find themselves tip-toeing around emotional landmines as they try to maintain loving but firm boundaries. I help parents learn different strategies on how to cultivate responsible independence and emotional maturity while developing a better relationship with their child.

Neurodivergent Children

Parents without adequate outside supports are at greater risk for mental & physical health problems, feelings of isolation, and marital distress. I use my expertise in developmental differences to help parents become more successful in fostering their child's own unique emotional, developmental and learning needs in a way that strengthens connection with their child.

What It's Like to Struggle to Connect With My Child


Struggling to feel successful with your child can take concerned parents along a gamut of thoughts and emotions. 

  • You may feel frustration and worry about whether your challenging your child too much or not enough.

  • The frequency of parent-child conflicts may be affecting your own mental health and self-care.

  • It may feel like you and your child's other parent have different, and even competing, expectations and disciplinary strategies.

  • Your feeling "stuck" on how to connect with your child.

  • You worry you may be running out of time to get your child on track toward a promising future.

  • You may be experiencing feelings of guilt and hopelessness around your own ability to effectively parent your child.

Parents are often surprised at how even small shifts in approaching their child can produce lasting and meaningful change. Together, we will explore ways to help you and your child be more successful while building on your own personal values and strengths as a parent.

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"I've learned whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision".  ~ Maya Angelou

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