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Hi, I'm Erin Moran, Psy.D., Educator


I live in the Portland Metro Area, where I specialize in helping parents throughout the Pacific Northwest

I help parents find new ways to approach frustrating parent-child interactions, provide effective and relevant supports in raising children with developmental differences, and nurture healthy adjustment in their children throughout the process of parent separation. I recognize the intrinsic value of informed parenting in shaping ongoing healthy child development.

Central to my work is providing a compassionate and judgement-free environment where parents feel safe to share their deepest concerns. Together, we identify prospective or current challenges to better understand their child's emotional, social, and developmental needs. My approach is collaborative in nature so as to ensure that the process of crafting goals and subsequent methods to reach those goals that reflect parent values and hopes for the future.


If you are wanting help shaping parenting practices that strengthen the relationship you have with your child then my services might be a good fit for you. Call today to ask questions or to schedule a free session.

What It's Like to Struggle to Connect With My Child

Struggling to feel successful with your child can take concerned parents along a gamut of thoughts and emotions. Some can include:

  • You may feel frustration and worry about whether your challenging your child too much or not enough.

  • The frequency of parent-child conflicts may be affecting your own mental health and self-care.

  • It may feel like you and your child's other parent have different, and even competing, expectations and disciplinary strategies.

  • Your feeling "stuck" on how to connect with your child.

  • You worry you may be running out of time to get your child on track toward a promising future.

  • You may be experiencing feelings of guilt and hopelessness around your own ability to effectively parent your child.

While these may be some common concerns experienced during more difficult times, things can improve with a little help. In my work with parents, they are often surprised at how even small shifts in thinking and approaching their child can produce lasting and meaningful change. Together, we will explore ways to help you and your child be more successful while building on your values and strengths as a parent.

Why Parent Participation Outside of Child Therapy and Educational Supports Matter

My work with parents is rooted in the fundamental belief that all children want to be successful, no matter the push-back. The problem is, with enough resistance, parents can become disheartened to the point they doubt their own capacity to make a real difference in their child's life. This can translate to an over reliance on outside supports (e.g., child-therapists, teachers, pediatricians) to "fix" their child.


While other professionals are working in your child's best interest, no one is more invested in your child's success than you. This is especially important given the amount of time and influence parents have with their child when compared to other health providers and educators. The more empowered with knowledge and skills parents have around difficulties their child is experiencing, the more positive and hopeful the future is for the whole family. This is supported in both the research as well as in my own professional experience.

Certainly, parents should consult with their child's pediatrician and/or a licensed mental health professional when concerns for mental health and developmental delays arise. However, regardless of whether your child benefits from outside supports, parents who receive help from an expert in Child Development report higher levels of parenting satisfaction, lower mental health concerns, and a better relationship with their child. And, not unimportantly, simply have more fun with their child.

My Professional Background

I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University Oregon in 2009 with an emphasis in Early Child Development. My practicum clinical training was completed at Oregon Health Science University in the ADHD/LD clinic where I provided evaluations for children and teens suspected of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and/or a Learning Disability. I completed my Internship at Child and Family Mental Health Services in Albany, Oregon where I worked with children and their parents struggling with issues related to adjustment, mood disorders and trauma. Finally, my Post-Doctoral Training was completed at Oregon Health Science University in the Autism Clinic where I provided both treatment and evaluations.

For seven years, I worked as a licensed psychologist at The Portland Autism Center, LLC in Portland, Oregon. While there, I provided diagnostic evaluations and treatment for children and teens struggling with significant mental health diagnoses (e.g., Autism, ADHD, OCD & Mood Disorders.) During that time, I briefly taught as an adjunct professor, Child Intervention, to doctoral candidates at Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. 


I am no longer a licensed psychologist. Instead, my work has shifted from treating children diagnosed with mental health disorders to instead focus on providing parenting support on how to best respond to challenging situations with their children, who may or may not have a diagnosis. By doing so, my energy is concentrated on helping those who are most invested as well as having the greatest influence on their child's eventual success. Their parents!

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