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Divorce, Marriage & Blended Families

It is not a matter of overlooking differences, as is often taught. For it is those very differences that offer a profound connection.      ~ Diane Musho Hamilton


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Considering Divorce

  • Understand Impact of Divorce on kids

  • Get connected with local professionals

  • Learn about healthiest divorce processes

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Navigating Divorce

  • Get your Parent Education Class certificate

  • How to talk with your child about divorce

  • Protecting your children from conflict

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Following Separation

  • Setting boundaries in co-parenting

  • Helping your children adjust

  • Addressing parental alienation

Divorce in a family marks a time of significant uncertainty and grief. Overwhelming feelings of loss, worry for your children, and self-doubt can make the divorce-related decisions being asked of you feel unbearable. This is when talking with someone experienced in helping individuals through the separation process can make a positive difference.


I provide my clients informed, empathic guidance during this difficult time that focuses on cultivating a more hopeful future. I help my clients understand ways to navigate the logistical and emotional complexities of divorce in a way that honors the parents needs and supports healthy adjustment in their children. 

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Take your required
Parent Education Class here.

* Offering an alternative to public default DHS course - serving Clackamas County

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"Parenting Lovingly Through Divorce"

  • Avoid large, impersonal class sizes

  • Take as an individual or couple

  • Flexible scheduling

  • In-Person or Zoom format

  • Address individual concerns

How You Parent During Divorce Matters
Rock Balancing
  • Children rarely respond with a deeper answer than "fine"when adults how their child is doing.

  • 80% of children "did not express anything" to parents regarding divorce. Children often cite feeling like there was no space given for thoughts, feelings or opinions.

  • 51% of parents felt they were responsive to their child's needs during divorce.

  • 72% of children felt parents were not responsive to their needs during divorce.

  • 67% of children who underwent therapy during parental divorce said it was "unhelpful" and "a waste of time."

  • The quality of cooperative parenting is the single most important factor for child adjustment during and following divorce.


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Staying "In Love"

  • Re-kindling joy & intimacy

  • Balancing marriage & parent obligations

  • Learning how to grow together

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Couples Sessions

  • Creating a place for you feel seen & heard

  • Work out old, recurring issues

  • Stop unhelpful communication patterns

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Individual Sessions

  • Processing hopes, fears, & frustrations

  • Untangling conflicting feelings about partner

  • Re-defining "the self" in your marriage

Whether or not relationship challenges are related to parenting, working through individual differences, or trying to move forward following a hurt or betrayal, there may be an undercurrent of under-appreciation and a loss of intimacy. If left unaddressed, these re-occurring stuck points can lead to feelings of alienation and loneliness.


During our sessions, I work to ensure each person is respected, heard, and validated by his/her/their partner in a safe and compassionate environment.  

Family at a Beach

Blended Families

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What to Expect

  • Avoid common pitfalls of a blended family

  • How to create a happy 2-home  family

  • Building step-parent & -child relationships

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Defining Roles

  • Avoid the  step-parenting "Outsider Effect"

  • Birth-Parents & the "Loyalty-Bind"

  • Setting boundaries with your co-parent

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Transforming Conflict

  • Create more harmony in the home

  • Working through step-sibling conflict

  • Weaving together diverse histories

The number of blended families are unquestionably on the rise. And although more and more children live at least part time with step-parents, each family system is inherently unique. Birth- and step-parents are often surprised to learn that while their partnership with one another is a beautiful blessing, the children expected to adapt to this new family system often consider changes to routine as a troublesome disruption.

I help families work toward a more harmonious and joyful home environment for all it's members. Together, we deep dive into present frustrations, worries, and (most importantly) hopes for the future. By appreciating the importance of each individual relationship as integral, my clients are better able to gain real traction as they move toward real meaningful connection.

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