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Divorce and Co-Parenting

Divorce in a family marks a time of significant feelings of loss, uncertainty, and self-doubt. This can make divorce-related decisions feel overwhelming. This is when talking with someone experienced in helping families through the separation process can really help.


I help my clients understand ways to navigate the logistical and emotional complexities of divorce in a way that honors the parent's needs and supports healthy adjustment in their children. Below are the 3 Stages of Divorce in which I help my clients.

1 - Considering Divorce

  • Understand the impact of divorce on kids

  • Get connected with local professionals

  • Learn about different divorce processes (mediation vs. litigation)

2 - Navigating Divorce

  • Earn your required Parent Education Class certificate here

  • Learn how to talk with your children about divorce

  • Protecting your children from conflict

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3 - Post Separation

  • Setting boundaries with your co-parent

  • Helping your children adjust to a two-home family

  • Addressing parental alienation

  • Adjusting to Blended Families

"Parenting Lovingly Through Divorce"
An approved alternate Parent Education Class for Clackamas County

​As part of Oregon's legal requirements for parents with children below the age of 18, they must first complete a Parent Education Class for the judge to finalize the dissolution of marriage. Depending on the county in which you reside, varying courses are offered to the public. Parents often find these courses impersonal, impractical and sometimes just unhelpful.

For residents living in Clackamas County, I provide an alternate option to the default DHS class. While my course adhere to the requirements put forth by the county, I am able to create a more meaningful experience more suited to that particular family's situation. Parents, either as a couple or individually, may obtain their required Parenting Education Class Certificate by scheduling 2, 90-minute sessions for a total of $75. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.

"When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it".  ~ Paulo Coelho

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