Connecting With Your Child

I provide thoughtful guidance to parents on new ways to approach entrenched patterns of parent-child conflict. Through this process, parents will learn more about their child's  developmental and emotional needs, strategies on how to be more effective in responding to conflicts, and develop communication techniques to reduce future conflicts. All while strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Raising a Child with a Developmental Difference

While there are many therapeutic resources for children with developmental differences (e.g., Autism, ADHD, OCD, LD), there are few parent-focused options. This is unfortunate as research indicates parental understanding of their child's needs to be one of the strongest predictors for outcome. Additionally, parents without adequate outside supports are at greater risk for mental & physical health problems, feelings of isolation, and marital distress. I use my expertise in developmental differences to help parents become more successful in fostering their child's emotional and learning needs in a way that honors their own self-care.

Divorce & Family Adjustment

Divorce in a family can mark an incredibly difficult and uncertain time for both parents and their children. However, this transition in a family's structure can also be an opportunity for renewed hope and deepening of the parent-child relationship. I provide parents compassionate and informative guidance on ways to help their children adjust and even thrive in a 2-home family. 


Hello. I'm Erin Moran, Psy.D.

For most parents, raising a child is both a rewarding and humbling experience. While it can be incredibly joyful to see one's child thrive, feelings of helplessness and worry can be overwhelming for parents who observe their child struggle. It is during these times when reaching out to an understanding expert can make a positive and lasting difference for both the parents as well as the child.

My educational background includes receiving a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in Oregon. I have specialized in the field of Child Development and I have worked with families for nearly 20 years. My role as an Educator is to help empower parents wanting help on how to best support healthy adjustment in their child(ren.) I provide a compassionate, judgement-free environment where parents feel encouraged to share their concerns. Just as no two families are identical, there is no single "right" way to parent. To reflect this, I use a collaborative process in developing meaningful goals, strategies to achieve these goals, and adjust the course of our work as needed.

Compass Pointing North


Love Loss Lessons

Empowering families for a healthier divorce or separation

This is a 1-hour, informative presentation given the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom.


Presented d by Attorney & Mediator, Brenna W. Moore, J.D. and Educator, Erin Moran, Psy.D.

Valuing Individuality Among Families

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